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What we have today with the Mac Mini is only the most accessible. $ 500 is a critical price point, but that only one third of the story. The second third is a very friendly design of this computer. People do not want big, noisy, power-hungry subject, as Apple realized after rendering “of the famous wind-tunnel” Power Macs and Xserves start. Are you at home or the office or server room, compact size, quiet operation and low power consumption of any tangible benefit. And the Mac Mini excels in all fields.

The third part is? Software. Mac OS X, although the Finder, funky and a variety of other errors and problems, is by far the best operating system for general use in the world today. And remarkably free of worms, viruses, spyware and malware that plague the computer with Windows. Apple applications, although some software glitches on their own, were very helpful, friendly and widespread, significant added value as a whole.

Mix all the benefits, and $ 500 Mac Mini much, with a bundle of software and at least 1.25 GHz processor, CD-RW/DVD-ROM drive, 40GB hard drive, modem, and a combination analog / digital video port that can handle a large number, check the cleanliness with 32 Mbytes of dedicated video memory is driven by ATI Radeon 9200 chipset. To save money, you can use the cheaper 17 “and 19″ used CRT monitor while you are still a lot of screen space given. And if the rest of monitors, you do not have all the computers in place, just as you do with an iMac or eMac.

Apple has also sold $ 600 mini is a reasonable upgrade for the money, doubling the space of 80 GBytes hard drive and processor speed 1.42 GHz increased. With very few 256 Mbytes of SDRAM, the model is not equipped with enough memory to the hard work, but Apple will memory for $ 75 extra a wise investment doubled. (512 Mbytes recommended for Apple’s own iWork and iLife applications itself and requires 512 Mbytes for the features of iMovie HD.)

1-GB memory cards for Apple, though, is $ 325, even after the price cut, while a trusted third party provider (such as MacInTouch sponsor Ramjet) sold one for $ 250 or less

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  1. Why should they be publishing “server” more expensive and force you to buy “Snow Leopard Server. I am a true fan of Mac Mini, and I also use an old G4 for a video production. It would be ideal for streaming server cheap

  2. MacintoshUser1986

    I do not like being told “You have to be loaded” by a guy. When one cute? (

  3. hes a man of good news


    I did not ask for any information other bullshit, just the Mac mini. rewrite the title of your update to the new mac mini not

  5. @ Sypran It runs OSX natively. Seriously, this is the best OS there.

  6. @ Mlunatique They do not use it yet because of problems of DRM. Apple does not like DRM.

  7. Wait, do the base line of Mac mini includes the snow leopard?

  8. Also in the dates! How it is posted on the 15th when his 14!

  9. Where Natali !?!?!?

  10. The new Mac mini looks hot. I think that even having to replace my desktop PC and save space:)

  11. @ MIS AdamKaoru read ack sorry /

  12. @ SypranJe did not even say it was good: P

  13. @ AdamKaoru Idk if “good” is the right word = P Anyway, good w / mailer is a software

  14. @ SypranLe fact is that you can not legally (or easily) run Mac OS natively on any equipment not sold by Apple, if you pay a premium for the ability to run Mac OS, and the possibility of Use Windows, Linux and others via BootCamp. Mac OS is a requirement for many industries such as fashion, design, programming applications. . Apple knows this and they charge for it in conséquence.Ne not say he is right, but there is a reason Mac is expensive.

  15. @ AdamKaoruoh ok then I think that Mac OS makes things more price?. . . Another reason why I will stick with a Linux dual boot of Windows. . . Because seriously if theres a point was an OS isn’t worth it. ($ 200 for an upgrade to Windows Ultimate for example)

  16. Apple still no idea what Blu-ray.

  17. @ SypranNope it does not. But your laptop with Mac OS? Do not think pas.Mac OS is the reason why there is a premium on all Apple computers.

  18. @ 4N0NYM0U557Non, the idea of the Mac Mini is that you have a mouse, keyboard and monitor. It’s really designed as a cheap (er) way for people to get Windows Mac OS. They fucking pushed up prices but with this news, which is retardée.Mon venture can buy one if an update is very good for me.

  19. How interesting that I would buy the Mac mini tomorrow and a new spell:)

  20. @ Sypran I think it comes with a keyboard and mouse. . it better come with them. . but, knowing Apple. . I doubt it. .

  21. @ Brand daanbrg cuz is so hot. its inappropriate.

  22. For an audience? For what? “

  23. Why he told an audience sophistication?

  24. Mark. . . OMG #

  25. livelovelaugh980

    WHERE IS NATALI !??!?!!

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