Joss Stone : Special Edition

Introducing Joss Stone : Special Edition

She is just 20 years in last April, but she is the most popular over the world by her voice and style. Joscelyn Eve Stoker, or known as Joss Stone was named “White Chocolate” because she can intonate the Soul song like as the black people, as she has white skin and be serious vegetarian form England.

Joss loved to sing since the childhood, she was infatuated of Soul and R&B. Her idols were Dusty Springfield, a great soul form England and Aretha Franklin.  When she was 13 years old, she sang to the public during the show of “Star for a Night” with Donna Summers’ songs. Her talent in music became start, even she had to quit the school because of reading problem.

When she was 16 years, she flied, from Devon, England,  to  Florida and made the first album in her life, “The Soul Sessions”, which covered many old songs. It was her grand opening to the world.

The second album, “Mind, Body and Soul”, opened to the public in the following year, was so successful because of her strong and powerful voice, including  most of songs which composed by herself. The album was recorded in the Guinness Book that she was the youngest singer who got the number one chart of song.

The third album debuted few months ago was popular again, Joss changed her style sudden, from neo-hippie, with bare foot on  concert, to be a beauty and fashionable lady with violet hairs and announced herself “Introducing Joss Stone”, the album shown her real. It was consisted of the lyrics, style of singing return to Motown Soul period in 70s and rhythm of her voice, such as “Change”, intro by Vinnie Jones, or “Tell me what we gonna do now”, which air every radio wave, and the last one “Tell me bout it”

Who loves the song in this style, please find out to collect because now there is a new version of “Introducing Joss Stone” to be “Special Edition with Bonus” , a CD as same as the first one.

The second CD, a special bonus with 9 songs, “L-O-V-E” covered from Nat King Cole sang for a new ad of perfume Chanel, which had Keira Knightley be a presenter. Moreover, there were many best songs which recorded from her performance each time.

Besides having special ability, Joss is a kind person. She always helps the second people and society. She is also a leader to arrange for them.

She got many Grammy Awards , Brit Awards and others to guarantee her music ability. Moreover, she is also a good actress, for example in the Aragon which she acted as witch “Angela”, do you remember?

That is the reason to introduce.

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joss stone?
i love her song brusised but not broken
does anyone else like joss’s music?

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  1. She suxs

  2. Perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOSS STONE!!! she’s now 23

  4. i liked it when she had dark glossy hair :(
    what colour is your hair now?
    u could use a wash in wash out colour to see what it looks like
    pls dnt dye it purple tho yuck

  5. no clue, but i want to know also! i loved it

  6. how do u save videos into your favorites?

  7. Try Limewire

    You can download it for free, Click 'Get Basic':

    Under Choose Your Platform, just pick what you use and BINGO! ^-^
    Hope I've helped!

  8. Her birthday is the 11th not 15th as we are the same age

  9. i agree that she is one great singer…first saw her several years ago as a teenager performing on gma in her pjs…not just a great singer but with her own unique style!

  10. deanwinchesterlover1

    just click the fave byutton under the video :)

  11. Thats true:)

  12. ??? C?ystâi??ee ???

    Amy Winehouse, Lauryn Hill, and Adele.
    Thye're some of my favorites, I'm defintiely into the same music as you.

  13. that’s not New York

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  15. and she was and still is very mature for her age


    I'm not sure of the video, but her first album was "soul sessions". Her first video would be from a song on that album. Go to and listen to clips from that album, I am sure you will find your song. Everything she does is soulful man, she kicks.

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